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Amapex Environment co-finances its Project RIBATI- GA 945638 through the SME Instrument Horizon 2020 from de European Comission

Logo del programa Horizon 2020 de la Comisión Europea

In May 2020, the European Commission, through its Horizon 2020 program, selected the Amapex Environment project to be co-financed in the development of new solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater. With this new recognition, Amapex Environment will go further in the design of new biotechnological solutions for the most important industrial sectors of the […]

Certificate delivered by the European Commission

Photo of the certificate issued by the European Commission

We have been awarded the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission for our ability to improve the competitiveness of companies internationally through our biotechnology solutions. The recognition has been granted thanks to the great savings that the use of bacteria and microorganisms as an efficient treatment in contaminated industrial effluents represents for the companies.

The “RIBATI” project favored with funds from the European Union

Within the HORIZON 2020 program of Research and Development of the European Union, in the call for the month of September 2017, our company has participated in the SME (Small and Medium Business) section with the “RIBATI” Project, for the development of a commercialization process of a bacterial solution for cleaning waters contaminated with recalcitrant […]

Success of the application of PETRONET for the washing and recycling of textile wastewater

The product “PETRONET – ALFA”, from the range of products developed by AMAPEX, has been tested, first in a pilot plant and later in industrial production, to remove contaminants from the washing of textile pieces in dry cleaning and textile finishing factories. These processes need to use large amounts of water (about 40 Liters of […]

New developments in Anaerobic Digestion

In anaerobic digesters for the production of methane gas, from Urban Solid Waste a large amount of Hydrogen Sulfide (SH2) is produced, which acts as a pollutant and, consequently, it is necessary to proceed to desulfurization to optimize the results. Amapex has developed a variety of its range of Petronet products that acts as a […]

Petronet as a coadjuvant in the production of Biogas in Anaerobic Digestion Processes

We have recently tested the action of Petronet in promoting the hydrolysis of lignocellulosic matter, from the plant mantle. It has been proven that the addition of a small amount of Petronet in the remains of the plant mantle in an aqueous solution used as a restructuring agent in the digestion, increased the production of […]

Trade agreements

AMAPEX S.L. has commercial agreements with the following companies and institutions: AUMA, Consultants on Environment and Energy S.L. – Barcelona (Spain). SANTANDREU TECHNICAL TEAM S.L. – OLOT (Spain). POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF CATALONIA (UPC) – Institute of Sustainability – BARCELONA (Spain). SER SpA – Paraffin and Waxes – Santena (Italy). CANDO – Consultants on Environment – […]

AMAPEX informs

As part of the research work carried out by our team, we have been provided with samples of heavily contaminated wastewater from the manufacture of insecticides and pesticides. This water, in addition to a high concentration of Lindane, contained a significant quantity of other contaminants, such as Mercury and chlorinated compounds.