Monthly Archives: June 2016

Trade agreements

AMAPEX S.L. has commercial agreements with the following companies and institutions: AUMA, Consultants on Environment and Energy S.L. – Barcelona (Spain). SANTANDREU TECHNICAL TEAM S.L. – OLOT (Spain). POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF CATALONIA (UPC) – Institute of Sustainability – BARCELONA (Spain). SER SpA – Paraffin and Waxes – Santena (Italy). CANDO – Consultants on Environment – […]

AMAPEX informs

As part of the research work carried out by our team, we have been provided with samples of heavily contaminated wastewater from the manufacture of insecticides and pesticides. This water, in addition to a high concentration of Lindane, contained a significant quantity of other contaminants, such as Mercury and chlorinated compounds.