Amapex has developed a biological system that eliminates the pollutants contained in industrial waters at a cost significantly lower than the methods currently used. In Amapex Environment we design a customized solution for each industry analysing the most complex pollutants (organochlorines, surfactants, dyes, fats, hydrocarbons, etc.) present in the waters and formulating specifically for each type of water.

Our Petronet formulas (bacteria + trace elements) (link fitxa biotex technique, alpha) are complemented with the SDU PREMIUM technology (link fitxa SDU technique) that allows you to activate and automatically dose the solution “in situ”, collecting and sending the data of the whole process.

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Before implementing the solution, we simulated the small-scale process to verify the good results estimated in the audit.

Maintenance and adjustments

The SDU constantly records and sends the measurements of the process and adjusts its action to these. Likewise, it performs an automatic maintenance periodically supervised by the Amapex team.


Communication of the results to the client periodically and an assessment of them, so you can modify actions or initiate changes due to changes in the productive system of the client. Savings in the treatment of industrial wastewater thanks to the great effectiveness of our solution. Savings in energy consumption thanks to the reduction of energy needed in the process and services, allowing the reuse of water.


Innovative solution with technology created by the R & D department after an exhaustive investigation that allows the activation, dosing and intelligent monitoring of the entire process.

At the end of the process we obtain  up to 90% clean water that can be reused in the production process or discharged directly into the public water network without the need for additional treatments. Being an absolutely compatible system with others, it can be incorporated in any phase of the current treatment systems.

We avoid investments with our PAY PER FLOW system that allows us to control the expense dedicated to the treatment of wastewater from the production process, as well as saving up to 59% in treatment and / or consumption expenses.



The presence of dyes, surfactants, as well as recalcitrant xenobiotic compounds that are difficult to eliminate by current methods, seriously concern the sector. Our solution has proven to be especially effective in the textile sector. Our formulation allows eliminating up to 90% of the recalcitrant elements present in these waters, allowing their reuse.


The sector is seriously concerned about the presence of sulphides, fats and glues since they involve a large cost of treatment for the producer. The formulation of Amapex combined with SDU technology allows us to incorporate a large number of bacteria that act quickly in the treatment of this type of water.


The presence of lignin and the more than 300 organochlorine compounds in the water sector represents an expense not associated with the production process itself. Knowing the difficulty in the treatment of this great variety of compounds, we have developed dynamic formulas that attack these compounds, destroying the bonds that may exist and allowing the treatment.


The sector is seriously concerned about the presence of heavy metals and oils that are difficult to eliminate by current methods, and have a negative impact on productivity. The lack of alternatives in this sector makes it the most difficult treatment. With our technology we can multiply by up to 10.000 times the presence of bacteria that allow an effective separation of lubricants, oils and other emulsions.

Chemical and petrochemical

the presence of different organochlorines and chemical agents that seriously damage the waters and that are difficult to eliminate by the current methods, suppose a great cost of treatment for the producer. With the customized formulation we manage to attack and reduce compounds that otherwise would not be possible to eliminate.