We are specialists in the measurement and control of odours inherent to the industrial production of many sectors or in the processes of use and recycling of used materials.

We evaluate the client’s facilities to design the system of action in the facilities and develop a specific formulation of Petronet (link fitxa Petronet DeoForte technique) for each case that we integrate in our system to achieve the best result.

Livestock droppings can also be treated with our system. We custom design the treatment process in the client’s facilities based on our specific formulation for each case of Petronet (AgroPig download file).

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How we work

Contractual definition

We establish in agreement with the client a fixed price per kg of treated soil to allow a forecast of the treatment cost.


We establish the necessary dosage for the treatment and the mode of application in each case.


Improvement of the productive environment with positive effects on the image and productivity of the company.


Last generation biotechnology at the service of environmental improvements in the industry.

We help to comply with the regulations that regulate working conditions regarding odours, as well as environmental matters.

The elimination of odours with our process allows us to avoid discomfort in nearby populations, improving the productive image of the industry in society.

We understand an improvement in the work environment as an increase in the productivity of the workers that operate there.

To reconvert the waste generated by the cattle droppings in resource contributing to the circular economy and  saving in the consumption of energies.

Improving  the quality of the air in the farms, we obtain a greater yield of cattle exploitations.