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What do we know about Nature Based Solutions (NBS)?

Complex created in a former mining site with nature-based solutions, in which two forests were created, one tropical and the other Mediterranean.

The use of the term Nature Based Solutions (NBS) is coined and supported by the European Union, and they define it as solutions to environmental, social, and economic problems based on or copying solutions that exist in nature itself. With regard to environmental problems, the most innovative techniques consist of exploring and imitating non-human organisms, […]

How to increase biogas efficiency?

Image of biogas production plant

Biogas is one of the most increasing energy production system over the world. The benefits from biogas are remarkable as long as the producer knows how to produce, treat, improve, and distribute it. In this new post, we will focus on how to increase biogas efficiency, the most useful part of biogas coming from biodigesters, […]