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Certificate delivered by the European Commission

Photo of the certificate issued by the European Commission

We have been awarded the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission for our ability to improve the competitiveness of companies internationally through our biotechnology solutions. The recognition has been granted thanks to the great savings that the use of bacteria and microorganisms as an efficient treatment in contaminated industrial effluents represents for the companies.

Trade agreements

AMAPEX S.L. has commercial agreements with the following companies and institutions: AUMA, Consultants on Environment and Energy S.L. – Barcelona (Spain). SANTANDREU TECHNICAL TEAM S.L. – OLOT (Spain). POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF CATALONIA (UPC) – Institute of Sustainability – BARCELONA (Spain). SER SpA – Paraffin and Waxes – Santena (Italy). CANDO – Consultants on Environment – […]