We perform measurements and verifications of contaminated soil to study the feasibility of the treatment “in situ”, as well as to develop the specific formulation taking into account the contaminants found. The Petronet formulas administered (link fitxa technique Plus) by the ORIGINAL SDU (link fitxa SDU technique) directly in the contaminated soil allow us to automate the process, avoiding unnecessary costs of removal and transport of land.


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How we work

Contractual definition

We establish in agreement with the client a fixed price per m3 of treated soil to allow a forecast of the treatment cost.


We perform a sizing of the SDU in anticipation of the volume of soil to be treated as well as the dosage necessary to achieve the results. The aeration process is fundamental and we take care of it.


eduction of the cost of Bioremediation avoiding the removal and transport of land. Revalue the soils so they can be productive again.


The great concern to revalue contaminated land is the cost that it involves, energy, time and space. We eliminate the costs of extraction and transport,

We exponentially increase the production of bacteria to achieve shorter application times and consumption of Active Product, reducing costs.

Innovative biotechnological system based on the principle of bioaugmentation ( we are the only ones that provide nutrients at the same time) and a formula developed tailored to each client.

During the process measurements are carried out after each application of activated Petronet until the complete elimination of the contaminants.