Adapting to the type of substrate that feeds the anaerobic digester is the specialty of Amapex Environment. We designed the most efficient solution that allows the increase of the production of Biogas (link fitxa BioGas) as well as the reduction of the maintenance cost to the minimum making effective the reduction of H2S (link fitxa DeSulf) generated in the digestion process. The reduction of ammonium NH4+ inherent in the process is one of our star solutions, since we avoid the collapse of the digester due to the presence of this compound (link fitxa DeAmon).

We optimize the costs of the process thanks to the SDU (link fitxa SDU) that allows us to reduce the consumption of Active Product.

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How we work

Contractual definition

We establish an estimate of the minimum consumption of Active Product and invoice for the consumption of that product.

Maintenance and adjustments

We carry out a production control to verify the proper functioning of the solution. We adapt to possible substrate changes in the digester feed.


Increased volume of Biogas produced as well as reduction of compounds such as S2H responsible for the degradation of the facilities and the NH4 + that can cause the digester to collapse.


Revolutionary biotechnological solution applied to the circular economy and the use of resources for the production of sustainable energy.

We achieved that the volume production of Biogas increases thanks to our system, improving the results account of the anaerobic digestion plant.

We customize the solution to achieve, in addition, the reduction of H2S produced in the biogas digester to minimum levels avoiding maintenance costs and prolonging the life of the facilities.

The Amapex solution drastically reduces the presence of ammonium inherent in the anaerobic digestion process , preventing the stoppage of the methane production process.