AMAPEX informs

  1. As part of the research work carried out by our team, we have been provided with samples of heavily contaminated wastewater from the manufacture of insecticides and pesticides.

This water, in addition to a high concentration of Lindane, contained a significant quantity of other contaminants, such as Mercury and chlorinated compounds.

The application, for a week, of a variety of our PETRONET process has reduced the concentration of these elements to practically unsuspected limits, as shown in the following tables.

Comparative table of wastewater treated with Amapex Petronet solution

Another success of our process that allows us to fight against great difficult recalcitrant contaminations, until now.

Contaminant content before and after treatment with Petronet:

  1. Another variety of our family products Petronet is being used in an industrial dry cleaner to clean and recycle the water used to wash the dyed pieces; the objective is the significant reduction of water consumption and the elimination of odors generated by the decomposition of the oils and fats contained in the effluents.

At the end of the experience, we will report the results.

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