Success case in Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain

Customer needs

  • Purification of industrial wastewater as a product of leather tanning.
  • Elimination of high loads of pollutants, made up of liquid chemical residues that contain ammonia, dyes and mineral salts.
  • Elimination of organic solid residues of animal origin, which contain fats, remains of fur and hair.
  • It involves combined physical, chemical and biological water treatment.

The solution

Tailor-made AMAPEX solution in the current effluent purification process that allows obtaining similar results in reducing the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Ammonium (NH4 +) of the purified waters, with a significant cost reduction compared to traditional wastewater treatment systems.

Depending on the applied process and the client’s needs, the AMAPEX System can be proposed as an alternative to the current debugging system or as a complement to it.

In this specific case, the results correspond to the total substitution and it is essentially a matter of introducing a mixture of bacteria and trace elements into the purification ponds.

These bacteria and trace elements have been previously activated in an intelligent reactor, designed by Amapex.

The results in terms of contamination parameters are better than with the conventional system and with a cost of less than 50% of the current cost.

Each case must be studied in detail, due to the great variability of water treatment carried out in tanneries, depending on leather type and use.


This AMAPEX solution is specific for the treatment of wastewater in tanneries, which can also be successfully applied in treatment plants for collecting water from various leather treatments.

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