Success of the application of PETRONET for the washing and recycling of textile wastewater

The product “PETRONET – ALFA”, from the range of products developed by AMAPEX, has been tested, first in a pilot plant and later in industrial production, to remove contaminants from the washing of textile pieces in dry cleaning and textile finishing factories.

These processes need to use large amounts of water (about 40 Liters of clean water per Kg of fabric). This water has a high cost into the company income (economic and environmental due to the use of a scarce good), which is increased by the costs generated by the elimination of the same amount of contaminated water that a purification process needs to be returned to the network.

With our processes we achieve a triple objective:

  1. Simplify and reduce the direct costs of eliminating the generated wastewater. The process using PETRONET ALFA manages to reduce the COD levels with the single application for 3 days of the activated Blend, eliminating odors, oils, and fats and notably reducing the level of nitrogen and heavy metals.
  2. Return water with higher environmental quality to the environment.
  3. Save the company and the Company a large amount of water, by allowing the recycling of the washing water, which, once used and treated, is in a position to be re-introduced into the circuit to wash new parts; The estimated saving in water due to recycling has been established at 60/65%.

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