Petronet as a coadjuvant in the production of Biogas in Anaerobic Digestion Processes

We have recently tested the action of Petronet in promoting the hydrolysis of lignocellulosic matter, from the plant mantle.

It has been proven that the addition of a small amount of Petronet in the remains of the plant mantle in an aqueous solution used as a restructuring agent in the digestion, increased the production of free sugars by 27%, compared to autonomous production, without the intervention of other adjuvants.

This fact has a very interesting application in the thermophilic anaerobic digestion processes (55ºC) of Urban Solid Waste, vegetable waste, or agricultural waste since the increase in free sugars represents an increase in the production of biogas from the anaerobic digestion process with the consequently increased profitability of the installation.

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