Success case in Chieri (Piemonte) Italy

Before and after treatment
with Amapex solution

Customer need

  • Industrial wastewater treatment as a product of the industrial dry-cleaning process, in which there are produced 150m3 / day of wastewater.
  • Elimination of high load of pollutants presents in industrial waters, which contain a significant amount of oils and fats from the use of textile dyes, in addition to other chemical elements from the fixing and dyeing process.
  • Discoloration of wastewater heavily contaminated by dyes used in dyeing.
  • Reduction in the consumption of public network water used in the production process.
  • Reduction of materials and subsequent filtering techniques.
  • Reduction of the corresponding sanitation fee due to discharge to the public network.

The solution

The Amapex solution tailored designed for the existing wastewater treatment system, simplifies the process of purifying wastewater.

The system consists of treating the wastewater with a solution that contains a mixture of bacteria and nutrients specifically designed for each client. The bacteria reproduce very quickly, acting effectively in removing the contaminating compounds presents in the treated water.

For the activation of the bacteria, an intelligent unit has been designed that, reading the parameters of the water to be treated, activates the biological mixture to provide it with optimized activity.

The use of the system, in addition to greater efficiency in removing the load of contaminants, saves the client the use of complementary techniques such as carbon filters, ozonation and others, which are expensive and needs frequent replacement.


This AMAPEX solution is specific for the treatment of residual waters in the textile industry, which can be successfully applied in industrial dry cleaners, textile finishes and purification stations for tanning processes.

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