Success case
in the textile industry

Ammonium Concentration (ppm)

Customer needs

  • Treatment of industrial wastewater as a product of the production process of printing all kinds of fabrics, in which 550m3/day of wastewater is produced.
  • 50% reduction of Ammonium values, coming from the chemical additives used in the fixation of dyes.
  • Reduction in the coloration of the resulting waters after treatment.
  • Reduction in the consumption of network water used throughout the production process.
  • Cost reduction in the external purification process.

The solution

Amapex has designed a tailored biotechnological solution for this industry that has not its own purification system. Using the present homogenization facilities, we reduce the pollutants analyzed by the external treatment plant for their subsequent collection, reducing the cost.

We allow to reuse a percentage of water necessary for the operation of the fiber filtering system before sending the effluent to the treatment plant, thus reducing the flow to be treated and, furthermore, reducing the cost of external treatment.

The system consists of treating industrial wastewater with the intervention of a third party, with a custom-designed mixture of bacteria and nutrients. Using the Smart Doser Unit, a system that allows the implantation of a biological system (in this case non-existent) and also monitors the entire treatment process, we are able to reproduce the bacteria in an accelerated way.

The use of this innovative system allows to achieve greater efficiency in eliminating the load of pollutants and saving, it saves the customer in the use of complementary techniques, such as carbon filters, ozonation and others, which are expensive and require frequent replacement.


This Amapex solution is specific for the treatment of wastewater from the textile industry, which can be applied successfully in dry cleaners, textile finishing companies and joint treatment plants for various production processes typical of the sector.

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